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In today’s world, music is an imperative marketing strategy when targeting millennials.

Understanding the diversity of your audience
Diversity marketing is much more than marketing based on ethnicity. In today’s world, it is important to realize that many people do not even identify with one ethnic background. There are so many people who come from mixed raced and mixed cultural backgrounds that it would be short-sighted and outdated to think that you could market your product to people of one specific ethnicity.
Take for example the Arabic or Muslim community. This is a very mixed group and it would be quite a missed opportunity to market only to people of one ethnic background within that group.

A marketing tool that is and has been quite effective and inclusive is marketing through music. Specifically marketing campaigns based on Hip-Hop music are modern, effective and appeal to many more people than just one group with a specific ethnic background. Marketing through music appeals to all listeners of said music and means a maximization of your target audience. This makes music a very important marketing tool and a valuable part of your marketing strategy to millennials.

Look at this prime example of a successful advertisement for Hennessy cognac featuring Nas.

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Rianne Dragt

Managing director of Moxi.Biz

Moxi.Biz believes that integrating diversity in doing business is a ‘must have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’. Our mission is to raise awareness of the benefits of diversity marketing and help companies reach a more diverse clientele successfully. We do this by sharing relevant news, giving motivational talks and organizing inspirational sessions.

Source: http://mashable.com

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