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black amsterdam

From October 7th, till November 13th, the Amsterdam Museum has an exhibition showing only black ‘Amsterdammers’ that have inspired other Amsterdam citizens in their exhibit ‘Black Amsterdam’ (Zwart Amsterdam).

The Museum asked the people of Amsterdam to let them know which black Amsterdam locals they thought to be inspiring and deserved a spot on this exhibit. Guest curator Imara Limon worked together with the museum to make the selection out of all the people that were nominated. Images, stories and objects associated with inspirational black people, ranging from the famous to the obscure are featured at this thought provoking exhibition.

In addition, the Amsterdam Museum is hosting a range of activities on themes such as representation and the question: ‘What is black?’ The programme for this year’s Museum Night on November 5th is also on the theme ‘Black Amsterdam’. Black Amsterdam is part of Black Achievement Month.

It really is refreshing and actually a bit touching to see so many inspiring black Amsterdammers’ pictures all together. It really brings home the idea that there is so much diversity around us and that we do not often see marginalized groups proudly displayed in public spaces.

Moreover, the museum really sets an example for the business case of diversity that we at Moxi.Biz believe in. Clearly, this exhibition is not only an exhibition that is important from a societal standpoint, it is also a means to draw in a more diverse public. In a society where most highbrow cultural phenomena such as museums are associated with white people and is usually only marketed to white people, is refreshing to see that diversity is becoming more and more of a viable business case.

So please, go see this amazing and inspiring exhibition. Because it is a great exhibit and also because Diversity = Business!

Rianne Dragt

Managing director of Moxi.Biz

Moxi.Biz believes that integrating diversity in doing business is a ‘must have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’. Our mission is to raise awareness of the benefits of diversity marketing and help companies reach a more diverse clientele successfully. We do this by sharing relevant news, giving motivational talks and organizing inspirational sessions.

black amsterdam

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