Diversity Marketing: Not just black and white

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Diversity marketing

If you think that you know a thing or two about marketing. Quickly answer this question: what is diversity marketing? If your answer is that diversity marketing is marketing based on ethnicity, or racial background, please continue reading, because that is a very limited definition. Actually, it is much more! It may well be that you are missing opportunities because of this fallacy. Or, as one of the leading figures in diversity marketing, Kelly McDonald puts it: ‘Know it or blow it.’

Tap into your customer’s values
Kelly McDonald is one of the leading marketing specialists and top expert in the US when it comes to diversity marketing. Her definition of diversity marketing is much broader than the general understanding of the term. She advocates to really look at the values of one’s customers. For example, are they generation Y or millennials, do they have children, what are their political views, are they religious, what language do they speak, where were they born, what are their physical abilities, are they LGBT,  do they live in a city or a rural area? These are all aspects of what makes someone a unique human being, with unique consumer desires. For example, someone who has children, lives in a suburb and is working will have a decidedly different spending pattern than someone who is single and lives in the city. It is up to you as a marketer to understand these differences and tailor your service or product to them.

Customers are more diverse than ever before. To effectively communicate with someone who is different from you, you have got to tap into their values and what’s important to them. This way, you will be able to know their hearts and minds and ultimately their wallet.

The Harley Davidson case
A great example of this is Harley Davidson. At Harley Davidson, they wanted to generate business among women. How did they go about it? They knew that most women didn’t know how to ride a bike. That was the number one barrier for women to buy a motorcycle. So, they started offering free clinics, lead by female teachers on Saturdays at Harley Davidson dealerships.  In addition, there was a fashion show at those Saturday sessions. They watched their sales and market share among women grow exponentially. This shows that if you identify what is important to people and what their values are, you can grow your business.

At Moxi.Biz, Kelly McDonald is one of our great inspirations. This is where our business slogan Diversity = Business is founded upon. We are convinced that once marketers realize that it pays off to tap into the differences within their prospects, their business will grow. We are all different from each other and once you realize that, you too will know how to translate this into business.

Are you interested and want advice on how to identify and tap into your consumer groups? Please feel free to contact us!

Rianne Dragt

Managing director of Moxi.Biz

Moxi.Biz believes that integrating diversity in doing business is a ‘must have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’. Our mission is to raise awareness of the benefits of diversity marketing and help companies reach a more diverse clientele successfully. We do this by sharing relevant news, giving motivational talks and organizing inspirational sessions.

Source: mcdonaldmarketing.com



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