Meet Omnia: smart strategy of Zilveren Kruis in winning the multicultural customer

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This time of year is characterized by wintercoats, changing landscapes and Dutch people getting ready for their yearly tradition. We are not talking about Sinterklaas or Christmas, but about picking the health insurance company that best fits our needs and budget. In this spirit, companies have started their yearly battle to attract new clients. For the last few weeks health insurance commercials have been dominating TV, radio and online advertising.

Health insurance companies are businesses who make efforts to win market share and generate new business. In this way companies like CZ have special discounts for ZZP-ers (freelancers) to be more attractive to this growing group of consumers. Zilveren Kruis, another big player in the Dutch market, have recently made efforts to win another big share in the Dutch market.

Changing demographics creates business opportunities

Meet OMNIA: a collective created to fit the health care for the growing number of multicultural Dutch citizens. They are a cooperating partner of Zilveren Kruis and understand that the changing demographics create new business opportunities. Here is why: as the Dutch population is growing and aging, it is simultaneously becoming more multicultural. According to the population projections of Statistics Netherlands (CBS), these trends will continue in the coming decades. Medical advances, moreover, will ensure that older people will increasingly live longer, which also contributes to population growth. It leads to a larger population with a different composition: more elderly and more people with a migrant background.

OMNIA caters to the cultural and religious health care needs of citizens with a migrant background by offering financial benefits and more appropriate coverage and conditions. For example, they advertise compensation for circumcision on non-medical grounds (a cultural tradition of Muslims and Jewish people) and cupping therapy, which is a form of alternative medicine often used by the Chinese.

Multicultural marketing

Since October 31st, OMNIA started their marketing campaign with a multi channel approach. The results: a growing online group of followers (almost 1000 within a month) a kick-off event ahead with a line-up of Omar Munie and the Healthy Sisters, who both have a large online fan base within OMNIA’s target group. The Healthy Sisters have 14,000 relevant followers on Facebook: one post about the new insurance can score high on impact AND reach. This is a diversity marketer’s wet dream.

here at Moxi.Biz, we are curious to see the results of this initiative. Most strikingly, Zilveren Kruis does not mention OMNIA in any wayon their website. Additionally when asking a Zilveren Kruis employee about OMNIA after their launch, a reply with: ‘who?’ proves that the company might still be a little sceptical about this new market approach. What is a fact is that catering to the diverse needs of a multicultural population makes for new business opportunities, as OMNIA understands very well.

Rianne Dragt

Managing director of Moxi.Biz

Moxi.Biz believes that integrating diversity in doing business is a ‘must have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’. Our mission is to raise awareness of the benefits of diversity marketing and help companies reach a more diverse clientele successfully. We do this by sharing relevant news, giving motivational talks and organizing inspirational sessions.

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