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Let the emoji’s for the film ‘Loving’ warm your heart

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Diversity can generate more business. A great example of diversity marketing done right: this amazing and heartwarming film campaign that Focus Features has launched. It really makes one smile.

As part of the regular marketing campaign, Focus Features launched an app and Twitter hashtag to promote their new film ‘Loving‘, starring Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga.

The film depicts the life and the struggle of the Loving family. As an interracial couple in the sixties, they were not allowed to marry. They took their case to U.S. Supreme Court in 1967 after they were found to be violating Virginia Law which prohibited interracial marriage. The film is about their fight for equality.

The social media strategy of Focus Features is really great and a lovely example of diversity marketing at work. Have a look at the set emoji’s they have introduced to represent interracial couples. These are really heartwarming.


The Loving Emoji app is available via the Apple store and Google Play.

The Twitter hashtag is also really worth viewing. Of course, we cannot publish all tweets with the #VoteLoving hashtag, but if you have the blues and some time to spare, please have a look. They will melt your heart!

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Rianne Dragt

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