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‘Of course men are welcome here as well…’

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It is disheartening to know that even in 2016, women are still not equal to men in the workforce. A recent study shows that The Netherlands have actually fallen three places on the world’s annual Global Gender Gap Index held by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The Netherlands currently holds the sixteenth place out of 144 nations around the world. The Netherlands is actually below nations such as Rwanda, Burundi and Nicaragua.

Interestingly, a lot of Dutch women only work part-time jobs. The Global gender Gap Index scores countries on several criteria, including economic participation, access to education, political influence and healthcare/life expectance. The Netherlands score rather low in comparison with other northern European countries due to low employment of women in comparison to men (74% to 85%), Dutch women mostly work part-time jobs (64% of Dutch women holds a part-time job against 30% of the Dutch men) and the women make less money for the same jobs (-32%). In addition, Dutch women hold less management positions: 26 percent versus 74 percent).

Unique initiative an all female auto repairshop

However, there are also a lot of female initiatives to change the current status of the working woman. A great example of a positive, empowering and profitable business model owned and thought of by women is this all-female auto repair shop in Den Bosch De Dames van Hurkmans.

Owned by two sisters who grew up in the auto repair shop/ dealership of their parents, this auto repair shop has an all-female staff and caters to the female market. Not only do they do repairs to your car, they also sell used cars and accessories. Because they are women, they believe they know how to communicate to women in another way that men do. Of course men are also welcome in their lovely shop. They offer just a little bit more and specific services, such as health and beauty products in their web shop and a modern play area for your kids and a good cappuccino, while you wait for your car to be repaired. Great idea and worth a visit! The ladies at De Dames van Hurkmans clearly know that diversity = business!


Rianne Dragt

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